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Comments Off on JOSHUA SIMMONDS “SCRUPHE” – Singer, Music Production, Video Editor SKNCIR Member (St. Kitts) 16/01/2018: Performing Arts

Joshua Simmonds also known as Scruphe. Singer (HipHop, Rap), Music Producer & Video Editor. Contact Information 1-869-466-6752 1-869-766-3280 Earle Mornes Bird Rock St Kitts Social Stream visit my website visit my facebook visit my youtube visit my twitter visit my instagram visit my soundcloud

Comments Off on EUGENE VANTERPOOL “Minister L.K.” – Gospel Singer SKNCIR Member (St. Kitts) 31/10/2016: Performing Arts

Eugene Jervin Vanterpool who goes by the stage name Minister L.K was born on 10/April/1982 to Ms. Albertine Morton and Mr. Jerome Vanterpool. He was raised and grew up in the small village of Mc Knight. Like many of his peers he was caught up with many negative behavior. However, God had a calling for his life and he was able to break free with the help of God. His singing career started at the […]

Comments Off on ERICSON HANLEY “Ace Don” – Singer/Songwriter (SKNCIR Member: Performing Arts)

Ericson was born on October 15th 1995 on the small island of St. Kitts, he was literally born in West Farm and migrated to the area of Newton Ground where he was raised by his grandmother Eunice Jeffers and other members of the family. Ericson A.K.A Ace then moved back to the area of West Farm seven years later where he resided with his wonderful loving & caring mother Sharmaine Hanley. As he was now […]

Comments Off on ANDREW DAVIS “Vicious Styles” – Singer [hip hop/rap, r&b/soul, soca] SKNCIR Member (St. Kitts) 15/12/2017: Performing Arts

The group consist of eight ambitious males which aspire to be great one day. The group was created in the Verchilds high school, St.Kitts, on the 13th of October 2014 , by two of the group members Star Queeley and Andrew Davis. And two days after which was the 15th October 2015 three other members Lil T, Kidd cash and B dawg joined the group after Star Queeley persuaded them to join. One year had […]

Comments Off on GLENNIS SMALL “Rudii Stunnaz” – Singer, Songwriter, Sound Engineer SKNCIR Member (St. Kitts) 20/03/2018: Performing Arts

I’ve had a passion for music forever now and one day while chilling and playing with my family, the name RUDII STUNNAZ came to life. I started from in the shower performances to rhyming on web cam videos at a tender age until I had access to proper equipment in an effort to try and master my craft. Contact Information 1-869-764-9168 St Kitts Social Stream visit my facebook visit my youtube visit my […]