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Ericson was born on October 15th 1995 on the small island of St. Kitts, he was literally born in West Farm and migrated to the area of Newton Ground where he was raised by his grandmother Eunice Jeffers and other members of the family. Ericson A.K.A Ace then moved back to the area of West Farm seven years later where he resided with his wonderful loving & caring mother Sharmaine Hanley. As he was now getting older Ace tried to fit in many talents such as soccer playing basketball etc. but never seemed to succeed as his friends would laugh and make jokes of him as he awkwardly dribbled the ball. There was this one thing he had a passion for which was the interest of being a musician, he started out in the year of 2009, mixing music on a laptop with no knowledge of what he was now being exposed to the different aspects of music by one his cousins formerly known as “DJ Smoke” he started to become highly inspired by his cousins work & art, so he then decided he would become a writer & a singer. The first of Ace’s songs were written and produced with the help of his cousin “DJ Smoke”. It has now been 8 years since Ericson has been on his journey of being a musician and he doesn’t plan on looking back, he now produces his own music in a little home studio he developed all be himself. In the year of 2017 Ace took on a little audience for the very first time at Petry’s bar in the area of Boyds. When it comes to song writing & singing Ericson brings his energetic & positive attitude to the forefront for all to hear Ericson also enjoys communicating with different people, along with speaking righteously to the young youths where he helps them to develop full inner confidence, feeling of self-worth & good relationships with others. Now he has made a deep commitment within himself in believing and knowing that one day he will make it to a place of much more prosperity & abundance.

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