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Mission Statement

The Department of Culture was established in 1995. The Mission Statement of the department declares its intention. ” To utilize culture as a vehicle for generating awareness of the social, economic and natural environment through protection, enhancement, preservation and conservation and to facilitate interaction towards achieving sustainability.”

…development of a national cultural policy in which cultural workers, activists and artists representing a white spectrum of cultural life…examine cultural development of the nation cultural resources, impediments to overcome and strategies to be adopted in achieving that vision.

Here are some the services provided by the St. Kitts Department of Culture:

  • Accreditation & Skills Certification of Artists, Cultural Technicians, etc…
  • Entertainment & Creative Industry Tax Concessions
  • Cultural Events Management & Coordination
  • Community Festivals Technical/Financial Assistance
  • Training Workshops; Dance, Folklore, Drumming, Music, Research & Documentation
  • Artist Skills Development Workshops
  • Folklore Groups Management
  • Intangible Heritage Promotion & Preservation
  • Intangible/Tangible Heritage Resource Library
  • School Training Programs: Drumming, Music, String Instrument, recorders, fife etc…